As can be seen from the Case Studies, whilst the major service we provide is to sell businesses, many clients, after in depth discussions, identify that whilst a business sale may be a long term objective, in the short term there may well be other issues which not only need to be addressed first, but may well currently impede achieving the full value for the business.


Our initial review is at no cost to you.  It is far reaching and should enable us to agree a positive way forward, but usually retaining the long term objective to sell the business.


If funding is required, at this point we would normally produce a business plan.  

Our Directors are ex-Management Consultants and are professionally qualified.  We have built up a substantial network of contacts since 1993, and are able to introduce specialists where required as well as funding to support the business plan.


Because we specialise in small family businesses, we understand the need to reach out to all members of the family involved in the business and include them in the future development, leading to a successful outcome for all.